The right vessels for every plant

Indoor azalea

The indoor azalea provides color in the darker months with its variety and abundance of flowers. They are small dense shrubs with small evergreen leaves. The flowers come in colors ranging from apricot to tender pink, white and red, and grow as small flower balls directly above the green leaves. Indoor azaleas look especially harmonious when several of them are used together as a bunch.

Flowering period: October – December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 12 – 17cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Oriental Dreams (see image) / Miami


The crown-of-thorns is a thorny and succulent plant which brightens up your home with its many colorful upper leaves. The leaves can be either bright red, pink or white depending on the variety. This makes it a well-loved eye-catcher for the windowsill in the darker months in particular.

Flowering period: October – December

Location: sunny

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 10 – 12cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Vintage Garden (see image) / Dallas Esprit


If you’re looking for an exceptional indoor plant then look no further. It also gives off a pleasant and intense scent as well as having cream-white, shell-shaped flowers. This is what makes the gardenia a fragrant beauty for your living area.

Flowering period: July – October

Location: bright

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 09 – 18cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Alberta Fashion (see image) / Manacor


The extravagant croton brings some light and color to the fall. These attractive plants, with their thick and shiny leaves, are also known as “rushfoil”. Their unique leaves shine in either yellow, red, orange or green tones. As well as the brightness provided by its leaves, croton also improves the indoor climate, which makes it an ideal plant for use in offices.

Flowering period: September – October

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 13 – 24cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Portland (see image) / Paros Deluxe


The fruit salad plant (monstera) remains a highly fashionable indoor plant. The reason for this is that it’s a true all-rounder. It grows upright and forms long aerial roots, which it uses to hold onto other plants. Its large and striking slotted leaves provide the optical highlight, and are sure to turn people’s heads.

Flowering period: September – October

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 12 – 33cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Bergamo (see image)


Dwarf pepper, as the plant is also known as, is a decorative and popular evergreen indoor plant. Its dense foliage is reminiscent of a shrub, and looks different depending on the variety. The different color tones of its leaves range from pure green to a variegated yellow-green.

Flowering period: April – December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: damp

Pot size: 06 – 12cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Ravenna (see image) / Bettona