Ravenna Pot-Cover

Ravenna Pot-Cover
can be combined with bowl: Ravenna Bowl
can be combined with vase: Ravenna Vase

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Size Ø 12 cm Ø 14 cm Ø 17 cm Ø 19 cm
Delivery option Euro Pallet Unit Layer
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Ravenna guarantees a cozy feel-good atmosphere.

Cozy Nature

“Ravenna” emphasizes the long-lasting “homing” trend with its natural brushed surface structure and soft color scheme.

Handmade look

The bulbous-shaped vessels get their special handmade look from their strikingly thick walls and brushed surface structure.

Attractively combined

Both the vessel and the plants are a highlight in any room when combined with our macrames.

Recommended plants

Green plants such as caladium, ornamental-leaved begonia, dwarf peppers or calathea.