The right vessels for every plant


The gerbera is a colorful flowering plant, and is one of the most popular pot and cut flower plants. The colorful plant has steady growth, long stems and slightly hairy, deep-green leaves. The colors of the flowers range from white, yellow, pink and orange through to a vibrant red.

Flowering period: May- September

Location: sunny

Watering: moderately damp

Pot size: 12 – 19cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Dallas Botanic Style (see image) / Rainbow Love


Geraniums brighten up your home with the abundance and color of their flowers. These upright and compact plants grow flowers in either white, pink or crimson depending on the variety. This is what makes them some of the best-loved summer flowers, and the plant can also be moved outside to the balcony or the terrace in the warmer months.

Flowering period: April – July

Location: sunny

Watering: light

Pot size: 10 – 19cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Basel Full Color (see image) / Las Vegas



The begonia is a very popular indoor plant with a wide range of varieties. Its flowers come in white, yellow, orange, pink and red color tones. Begonias are bushy plants available in both hanging and straight-growing variants. This makes it ideal either as a house plant or a garden plant, and provides some welcome brightness for the indoors.

Flowering period: January- December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderately damp

Pot size: 09- 13cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Dallas Fayence (see image) / Canberra Effect

Peace lily

The evergreen peace lily (spathiphyllum) has lush-green shiny leaves which grow on long leaf stalks. The yellow spadixes are enveloped by a high-growing white leaf, which gives the plant a particularly stylish look. Its purifying qualities add fresh air to your living area.

Flowering period: June – September

Location: shade

Watering: light

Pot size: 06 – 24cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Delphi / Delphi Classic / Oslo (see image)


Sansevieria is an exotic potted plant which is best placed in sunny windows. The leaves are either flat or round with light or dark green structures, and can reach up to 1.5 meters in length. This makes it perfect as a floor decoration. It also filters pollutants from the ambient air in a similar way to a dragon tree.

Flowering period: May- June

Location: sunny – semi-shade

Watering: moderately dry

Pot size: 06 – 21cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Baku Pearl / Umea (see image) / Portland


Dieffenbachia is a particularly well-loved indoor plant thanks to its decorative leaf markings and air-purifying properties. Its cream-white leaves are surrounded by a green edge, which gives it a very refreshing appearance. Its leaves grow densely upright and can reach up to 1.5 meters in height.

Flowering period: June- July

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderately damp

Pot size: 17 – 21cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Basel Stone (see image) / Paros Deluxe