The right vessels for every plant

Summer Feeling


Dallas Breeze and Dallas Botanic Style give off summer vibes with their natural color schemes.
Basel Color Splash and Dallas Tropical emphasize that holiday feeling for your home with their warm and tropical look.

Our plant recommendation:

Flowering plants such as sunflowers and ornamental pineapple, as well as monstera, palms and bromeliads in bold colors

Pot-Cover Dallas Breeze


Our plant recommendation:

Colorful bromeliads such as guzmanias, as well as
Gerberas and sunflowers

Outdoor Bowl Veneto


Our plant recommendation:

Plant arrangements with flowering plants
or various herbs.


Indoor Pot-Cover Lissabon


Our plant recommendation:

The terracotta-colored vessels are mainly used for Mediterranean herbs, succulents/cacti or white orchids especially harmonious.

“Lissabon blackboard paint”:
Pot-cover with blackboard paint for individual inscription with chalk.

The shiny white glaze gives the traditional terracotta pottery
modern appearance and puts “Lissabon” adorably in the limelight.

Outdoor Pot-Cover Modena


Our plant recommendation:

In the sand-gray pots come simple outdoor plants such as boxwood or olive, which underline the modern form.

In the terra-colored pots, flowering plants or fruit stems are
the optical highlight.

Outdoor Box Padua


Our plant recommendation:

Highly aspiring outdoor plants such as lavender, heather or herbs,
which accentuate the relief well.