The right vessels for every plant


A well-loved winter classic. Cyclamen are strong flowering plants with heart-shaped leaves, which often have silver-gray or light-green markings. Their leaves grow vertically and give off a magical charm thanks to their powerful colors. The color spectrum of the cyclamen ranges from white to red and pink.

Flowering period: September – December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: lightly – moderately damp

Pot size: 11 – 14cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Las Vegas Ornaments (see image) / Oriental Dreams

Christmas star (poinsettia)

The Christmas star can be found in almost every home. Its red, pink or cream-colored leaves make it an indispensable part of the festive environment. This is the result of its characteristic flowers, which only bloom once. The Christmas star remains a classic on any windowsill.

Flowering period: October – December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 06 – 14cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Starlight (see image) / Magic Stars / Pescara Festive


The sensuous and stylish amaryllis is a popular indoor plant for the winter time, and gives some welcome color at Christmas. With its warm white, salmon, red and pink color tones as well as its impressive bulbs, it is one of the most striking indoor plants.

Flowering period: October – December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 13- 17cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Baku Glamour (see image) / Bari Glamour

Velvet plant

The velvet plant will win you over with its exotic look. Its toothed leaves are covered with a fine fluff which sparkles in a bright purple color. The orange-colored flowers are another optical highlight. Its appearance has given it its other name of “purple passion”, and it is considered one of the more exotic indoor plants.

Flowering period: December

Location: semi-shade

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 12cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Boston Metallic (see image) / Basel Glamour

Ornamental-leaved begonia

The ornamental-leaved begonia functions as a trendy eye-catcher thanks to its compact growth and unusual-shaped leaves with unique colors. Its heart-shaped leaves exist in a variety of different color schemes, which is what gives it its wonderful charm.

Flowering period: December – February

Location: sunny

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 12 – 19cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Basel Elegance (see image) / Basel Fashion

Inch plant

The inch plant stands out with its attractive and colorful leaves, which have different color schemes depending on the variety. This means the underside of the leaves can be red and purple while the upper side is adorned with broad silver stripes. This gives the impression of something sparkling.

Flowering period: January – December

Location: sunny

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 11 – 15cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Porto (see image) / Bari