Taking care of
terracotta vessels

The natural clay material gives plants the ideal conditions for growth. The porous breathable material regulates the humidity of the potting soil. It absorbs any excess water and so ensures evaporation cooling in hot weather. On cold nights it protects and isolates the roots. If water residues such as calcium or moss build up on the vessels over time, they can simply be removed using a scrubbing brush.

Doing things properly


Organic deposits on the walls of the vessels which emerge over time, such as efflorescence or a buildup of moss, give the pots a unique character and emphasize the naturalness of the material.

The deposits can easily be removed using vinegar water or lemon cleaner and a scrubbing brush or sponge. In order to protect the Outdoor vessels against frost damage, care should be taken to ensure that the pots do not absorb too much water and the liquid can drain away at any time.

Therefore, when potting plants you should make sure to place fragments of clay or pebbles over the hole in the bottom and to put the vessels on clay feet in winter.