Setting itself apart: a motif print from Soendgen Keramik with individual design

The product range is following the trend towards an exclusive selection

Individualization is one of many consumer mega-trends. The products should fit the owner’s personality – what people want most of all is what other people don’t have. This also particularly applies to retailers. The keyword is differentiation: an exclusive offer should set a company apart from its competition and enhance its profile.

The company’s own SK design team is going about their job with expertise as well as passion, and impresses with an offer full of charm and high quality. At the IPM, the high-quality permanent display presents the variety of motif prints on the best-selling cachepot “Dallas”. Retail partners can coordinate individual motifs on request. The special thing about it is that at Soendgen, there are no off-the-shelf templates – premade, standardized computer graphics are not part of the way we operate. Our own creativity is a matter of honor. And it shows… the vessels have a true personality with an affectionate expression.

Can also be adjusted to retail promotions

There is (almost) no limit to the possibilities available. SK can supply the right product for every target group, every occasion, every theme. This makes the individually designed cachepots a great way to support promotion weeks or themed tables. The contents range from “Black & White” and “My Lovely Flowers” to “Love of Herbs”. However, first and foremost it’s about creating something special during the major sales periods such as Valentine’s Day, springtime, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Whether emotionally designed florets or flower meadows, motifs in a cottage style or a wintry knitting pattern – the creations are exclusive and their color tones can be freely chosen. Text solutions can also be freely chosen on request. Here, customers can let their imagination run free with ideas like “Mom’s the best”, “Congratulations”, “Festive Greetings”, “You are magic” or “Good morning, my beloved”.

SK management on the new service

Managing Director Ralf Schwinn emphasizes that “We also recommend which plants to buy based on the vessel and the individual design. Always put the plants’ well-being first, in keeping with our philosophy.” And, on the selling theme, he adds: “We are happy to jointly develop our trade partners’ own designs on site in the creative center at the new showroom. Matching shelf structures can also be specified in detail and tested here.”

Three bestsellers with distinctive motifs

The vessels can also be chosen in addition to the motifs. Three bestsellers form part of the offer: “Dallas”, “Basel” and the orchid vase “Medina”. The minimum printing order quantity is one pallet up to a pot size of 15 cm; or two pallets for larger vessels above 16 cm. The delivery time is two to four weeks depending on the amount, plus the design phase in the case of an individual design.