Nature, tradition and comfort: Soendgen Keramik presents its new trends for the IPM & Christmasworld 2019!

“Shading Glaze”, “Tradition Today” and “Natural Roots” are at the heart of interior design

Inspired by current trends and combined with its own creativity – that’s how the SK Design team has developed the trends for 2019, which result in new, market-focused products.

Fine, runny glazes are the inspiration behind the new SK “Shading Glaze” trend. Here, the combination of varying color nuances and shiny surfaces create special value. The trade fair highlight “Delphi” with its linear groove relief and elaborate, two-layered glaze emphasizes this stylish character in a special way.

The second SK trend “Tradition Today” reinterprets the tried and tested terracotta pot with a modern twist. This is reflected in the new product “Lisbon”. The attractive, two-color design gives new life to the rimmed pot. The SK “Natural Roots” trend professes original nature: To match this, Soendgen Keramik is offering the new series “Portland” with its natural-effect tree bark decor.

“Shading Glaze” trend: “Delphi” displays runny glaze most beautifully

The interior is characterized by intense colors and structured accessories. Its attraction lies in the high-quality, traditional materials. Delicate color gradients and irregular shades individually showcase the environment. Soendgen Keramik adapts the trend with shiny multi-color glazes and delicate glaze effects. Dark to medium-tone colors are oriented towards rediscovered traditional values and items. The trade fair highlight “Delphi” captivates thanks to its elaborate and lively-looking two-layered glaze. The edges and grooves of the relief reveal the runny glaze effect, which emphasizes the product’s hand-made character. The container design is dominated by the nuances “amber” and “antique green”, chosen as they are inspired by traditional tiled ovens, which exude warmth and snugness. The series also includes the colors “warm gray” and “blue gray”, which represent elegance and calm. The gloss level “high-gloss” impressively shows off the line relief. Designed as a dynamic series to be displayed on shelves, the diameters 12 to 14, 16, and 17 to 20 cm suffice.

“Tradition Today” trend: “Lisbon” and “Lima” combine the traditional with the modern

In this setting, traditional favorites are given pride of place – the traditional spinning stool or the antique travel case, which “packs” many experiences and stories. Furnishings made from untreated wood and irregularly plastered walls add the right background to the scene, which combines memories of past times with modern aspects. The trendy touch is created by using simple, bright colors and nuances of white, combined with furniture and glass accessories which convey lightness – such as the straight shelf base or tables and stools with tripod legs. The new product “Lisbon” uses the most famous basic planter shape of all, the traditional rimmed pot, and reinterprets this with a modern color combination. A shiny white glaze adds a modern appearance to the traditional terracotta container. The containers are available in diameters 12, 13, 16 and 19 cm and look especially impressive with cacti, as well as herbs or white orchids. Soendgen Keramik has given the small companion of “Lisbon” the name “Lima” – a miniature rimmed pot with a diameter of 7 cm, which is available in the colors of moss green matte, lime green matte, soft gray matte, and structure terra.

“Natural Roots” trend: “Portland” presents its tree bark structure in front of a botanic background

The interior for this trend is characterized by nature and natural materials. Green plants dominate the scene, combined with wood, ceramics, old leather, wickerwork and rope. Handicraft products, as well as branches or tree trunks are used as decoration. The surfaces are rough and matte, and either coarse-grained or sandy. Heavy, bulbous shapes have been chosen as accessories.  Structures and patterns are irregular and large-sized. High in contrast but with a subdued presence, the trend is characterized by color tones such as brown, cognac, gray and beige. Taken together, this creates a warm, familiar-feeling environment – a refuge to which you can withdraw to feel safe and happy. The new product “Portland” with its striking and pointedly natural tree bark structure in a birch-like color emphasizes precisely this living atmosphere. The lively and original look is showcased equally well even in the smallest pot with a 13 cm diameter; its effect intensifies with size, so “Portland” is designed as an XXL series. The diameters available increase in small increments up to 36 cm. The perfect fit for the trend and pot are all types of green plants, such as Monstera obliqua or ferns. The “Portland” floor vase is an attractive addition to the planters. Available with a height of 50 cm and a 22 cm diameter, its lean yet massive shape makes it especially convincing.