IPM and Christmasworld 2018 pre-trade fair report

Nature, purism and craftsmanship

With “Green Motion”, “Concrete Living” and “Modern Craft”, Soendgen Keramik will be at the forefront of new trends in 2018

Color and product design are influenced by megatrends the same way as many other aspects of life. Digitization and urbanization are exactly this kind of phenomenon – they make us want to make our living space feel more natural and authentic. This is the inspiration behind “Green Motion”, “Concrete Living” and “Modern Craft”, Soendgen Keramik’s three trends for 2018.

“Green Motion” is made up of color effects based on plants and leaves. The generally cool, subdued color tones can be seen in a wide range of different trends, which is why the company has chosen them as its “Color Heroes 2018”. The SK trend “Concrete Living” is characterized by natural concrete looks. The material is known for its purism and its timeless elegance, and with its variety of creative applications it provides an entry into interior design. This new kind of craftsmanship with strikingly beautiful relief structures can be discovered in the “Modern Craft” trend. It combines the traditional with the modern in a multitude of ways.

The “Green Motion” trend: Cool, subdued tones of green are the SK “Color Heroes 2018”

No color tone is more closely associated with nature than green. Because the demand for a natural look shows no sign of slowing down, a whole spectrum of green tones is set to dominate ideas in interior design in 2018. Soendgen Keramik has therefore developed the new colors “moss green” and “lime green” for the successful series “Basel Fashion”. These tones have consciously been chosen for their restrained elegance, meaning that they integrate excellently with the plants. The silky-matt surface of the vessels also underlines the natural look. This means that green plants such as ferns, alocasia or aloe can be combined. The “Basel Fashion” series, which has a range of eight different sizes from 12 to 27 cm, is intended to be displayed on shelves. When used together with furnishings made from wood, wicker and stone, it also allows you to design elegant and fashionable tables which give a genuinely natural feel.

The “Concrete Living” trend: concrete gives the purist style a special flavor

Scandinavian design philosophy is increasingly becoming the dominant way of thinking, both when it comes to furnishings and decorative objects. Its minimalist style with bright and dark nuances of color and its clear shapes makes concrete a popular choice for walls and worktops and now for living accessories too. The raw feel, timeless elegance and restrained use of color means concrete can be combined in a multitude of ways. In addition to this, as a true natural product this trendy material fulfills people’s wish for an authentic-looking environment. Soendgen Keramik meets this consumer demand with the trade show highlights “Latina Concrete” and “Bettona”.

The attractive planters for “Latina Concrete” are square in shape and are available in six different sizes from 13 to 29 cm, apart from the rectangular Jardinière. The Jardinière’s dimensions of 28 x 14 x 14 cm make it perfectly suited for showcasing multiple plants such as e.g. two orchids. Both models are available in the “light gray cement” color tone. The “Bettona” series has a harmonious round shape in diameters from 14 to 22 cm, and is also available in both the “light gray cement” and “dark gray cement” colors.

The “Modern Craft” trend: handicraft for a new generation

The rediscovery of handicrafts forms the inspiration for the “Modern Craft” trend. This combines traditional manufacturing charm with modern aspects. So for example, the new ceramic vessels “Bergamo” are characterized by an irregular grooved profile, which is highlighted by gentle glazes in leaf and mint green color as well as light gray and lavender. These colors are natural and give a harmonious and original effect. Just like with the sandy-matt surfaces on the inside, it reinforces the hand-made character of the vessels. They are available in six sizes ranging from 13 to 24 cm and as a hanging basket in light gray, cream and white gloss colors.

All new Soendgen Keramik trends and new products will be unveiled to a trade audience at the IPM from January 23-26, 2018 in Hall 6 / Stand F11, as well as at the Christmasworld from January 26-30, 2018 in Hall 8 / Stand C40. In future Soendgen Keramik will also release the trends and main catalog at the beginning of the year at the IPM as per the schedule of our retail partners.

About Soendgen Keramik

For decades, Soendgen Keramik GmbH has been synonymous with high quality ceramic vessels “made in Germany”. The company offers a wide range of perfectly formed products in over 50 designs, 60 colors and 50 sizes that are manufactured in line with the latest trends. The long-established German company was founded by Johann Peter Söndgen in Wachtberg-Adendorf in 1893 and is now represented in over 70 countries throughout the world. Whether indoors or out, the company offers the perfect ceramic vessel for every taste and requirement to show off your plants to their very best.