Orchids abound

When it comes to orchids in particular we are THE place to go!

Make the most of our decades of experience and our wide range of orchid vessels.
As well as the traditional orchid style “Merina“, we also offer a large range of additional
specific orchid vessels. Our orchid vases are designed to fit the orchids exactly.
Whether it’s a Mini or Maxi, all SK orchid vases are made with the useful anti-waterlogging ridge that protects the plants from excess water. Our wide range of useful orchid accessories also includes items such as orchid rods and clips. All SK orchid vases are 100% watertight.

Stylish presentation

We offer appropriate sales promotional aids for the point of sale, both for orchid vessels as well as for accessories. Use our temporary or permanent display columns for presenting vessels, plants and accessories in small spaces.

Tip: combine the plain, single-color vessels with our highly-reflective orchid vases to create
eye-catching product presentations.



The best known of all the SK orchid vases is the
“Merina” series, which is suitable for any style of home furnishing due to its wide range of colors and sizes.
The series has a ridge on the inside which reliably prevents waterlogging. Our orchid rod with heart and
the matching orchid clip “Fleury” go perfectly with the orchid vessels.

– 100% waterproof
– Range of colors and sizes
– Integrated ceramic ridge prevents waterlogging



With its harmonious and succinct shape and an elegant matt color concept, it blends naturally into the environment and also functions as a discrete eye-catcher. The fine contours in the shape of a vertical, slightly curved raised line caress your senses – the aspiring form of the vessel lifts up expressive plants in particular and gives them the right kind of emphasis. Like all Soendgen Keramik vessels, “Falun” is ideally designed to fit the shape of the culture pots. The Flower Safe ridge was rethought for this vase to prevent it from becoming waterlogged. Primarily developed for orchids, it is now positioned in the upper part of the vessel.

– 100% waterproof
– Special Relief
– Perfect fit
– Integrated ceramic ridge in the upper part prevents waterlogging



The “Kyoto“ orchid vase impresses with its high-quality faceted relief. The elegant and exclusive Prisma design emphasizes the beauty of the orchids and creates new inspiration for the range of orchids.
A ridge built into the ceramic vessels reliably prevents waterlogging and so stops sensitive roots from rotting. “Kyoto“ is suitable for common growing pots with diameters of between 11.5 and 12 cm.
The series is also available as a seasonal item at
Christmas in a shiny Bordeaux finish.

– 100% watertight
– Special relief
– Perfect fit
– Integrated ceramic ridge prevents waterlogging