Exhibition preview Christmasworld & IPM 2020

“Authentic”, “Poetry” and “Balance”: Soendgen Keramik presents the latest trends!

The high-quality design is defined by romantic pastel tones, reduced clarity and a natural purism.

In creating the new products for 2020, the Soendgen Keramik design team have taken their inspiration from the latest trends and combined it with the findings from their ongoing market observations. The products all have one thing in common: their high-quality design.

Natural living will be a hot topic this year as well. Natural colors, surfaces and structures as well as original shapes are characteristic of the new “Authentic” trend. Following on from this trend, the new “Myanmar” product fascinates with its natural-looking bamboo structure. A high-quality material mix of ceramic cachepot and wooden saucer from the new “Paros Deluxe” series is in keeping with the latest trends.

The “Balance” living trend is all about peace, serenity, and concentrating on the important things. The focus here is on high-quality and well-chosen accessories. The new ceramic product “Bari” fits into this trend well, which is presented with a clear and modern style as well as having a high-quality surface look.

The SK trend “Poetry” is characterized by a tender romanticism, which is expressed in elegant, slightly gray pastel tones. This gives a bright and easy-going atmosphere, which the new “Dallas Delight” product is tailored to. The high-gloss glazes give the ceramic surface an almost glass-like appearance and the colors appear as if flowing across multiple layers, which reflect the special light and airy atmosphere in the room.

“Authentic” trend: “Paros Deluxe” and “Myanmar” – like you find in nature

Nothing is as authentic as Mother Nature. And the long-lasting trend of designing your home to look as natural as possible shows no sign of letting up – on the contrary.

Therefore, the two new products from the “Authentic” trend are based on original shapes, irregular surfaces and natural materials. “Paros Deluxe” impresses with a combination of ceramic cachepot in a concrete look on an integrated saucer made of real wood. The saucer, which is designed to match the vessel, is firmly attached to the ceramic cachepot. As an attractive stylistic element, it is particularly good at grabbing people’s attention. It is the first time that Soendgen has devised a material mix of this kind, which works well thanks to its extremely high-quality design.

The modern, cylindrical vessel is available in light gray and sand gray natural color nuances. The lively surface structure is attractive to look at and to touch, and gives the cachepots their natural appearance. The series combines a natural feel with a high-quality design, and fits into a natural-looking atmosphere. The vessels range from 14 and 16 cm to 19 and 23 cm in diameter.

“Myanmar” is another new product from the “Authentic” trend. It takes its inspiration from the characteristics of bamboo, and has a surprisingly natural-looking surface made up of “bamboo canes” running horizontally around the vessels. The need for a high-quality design also has a practical advantage. In contrast to lightweight plastic or wickerwork, the vessel has a high degree of stability. “Myanmar” is available in bamboo brown and offers the choice between a straight-lined cylindrical vessel (sizes 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 cm) and a bulbous, spherical shape (sizes 16, 19 cm).

“Balance” trend: “Bari” emphasizes a quiet, relaxed sense of comfort

Regeneration and retreating from it all to concentrate on the most important things in life are becoming more and more important in our fast-paced era. The conscious reduction of decorative elements brings peace, clarity and relaxation to your living environment. As part of the “Balance” trend theme, the focus is on high-quality and well-chosen accessories: less must be more. Expressive, powerful colors are combined with modern, graphic patterns. The new ceramic product “Bari” fits into this trend. The series stands out with its clear and modern style and a surface with a contemporary design. The high-gloss uni decor in green-blue and greige gives them a high quality, while the mint green and brown color variations both impress with their natural sprinkle effect. “Bari” exhibits “perfection in the imperfect”. Each vessel has a varied look, which emphasizes the series’ natural feel. The monochrome cachepots are available in diameters of 13, 16, 19, 21 and 24 cm. The effect colors are available in diameters of 13, 16 and 19 cm.

Soendgen Keramik also offers a matching pot stand as an addition to the range of accessories. Thanks to the growing trend towards full-length windows, it can stylishly replace the windowsill with its dimensions of 23 x 36 and 26 x 41 cm. Stands are also available for smaller vessels in the dimensions of 17 x 14 and 19 x 15 cm, which are best used as a decorative designer object on the table, sideboard or chest of drawers. The pot stands are available in an elegant and versatile anthracite. When used in combination with “Bari”, it creates an atmospheric and harmonious whole in this well-balanced living style.

“Poetry” trend: “Dallas Delight” makes your plants happy

The bestseller “Dallas” gets a new look with an elegant glaze: “Dallas Delight” is the name of the new cachepot – developed for the “Poetry” living style. Delicate fabrics, bright wood and glazed materials all make up part of this ambiance. The gentle colors and transparent materials combined with white tones create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. This is expressed in the color nuances of mystic lilac, mystic blue, crème-rosé and linden green. The high-gloss, transparent surface finish gives the vessels a particularly high-quality look. Their delicate permeability produces a unique depth effect which gives the vessels an almost glazed appearance, which looks as if the ceramic is covered with a glossy layer and the color runs tone-in-tone across multiple layers. Flowing, fine materials with floral patterns complete the look. Delicate and romantic pastel bloomers provide a harmonious addition to the vessels, which are available in 10 sizes with diameters from 7 to 28 cm.

Soendgen Keramik present all the new products with matching plant recommendations to a specialist audience at the Christmasworld 2020 in Frankfurt, Hall 8 / Stand F92 and the IPM 2020 in Essen in Hall 5 / Stand H11+H13.