Orchid stake with heart

To enable your orchid to develop, we offer a trestle which helps the tender stem to support a wonderful display of flowers. The graceful-looking orchid stake has a stylish-looking heart on the end. Available in blackberry, pink, green and transparent, the SK orchid stake goes well with all orchid blossoms. A loving gesture guaranteed, whichever color you prefer.


Orchid clip “Fleury”

We also offer a decorative orchid clip to match our orchid rod. This secures the flower stem to the orchid stake, which reliably prevents the tender stem from breaking off. The clips are available in a set of 2 and are coordinated to match the most common orchid colors – matching our orchid rods with hearts. It can also be used as a decorative piece of jewelry with additional uses for other long-stemmed blossoms, as well as for green and flowering plants.