Tip 1

Orchids prefer a bright spot with less direct sunshine – somewhere by a window which faces west or east is ideal. The sensitive plants should be watered using soft water which is low in lime or rainwater. However, it is better to spray or immerse the plants than to pour water on them. Put the orchids in lukewarm water with their root balls for approximately 10 minutes. The beautiful plants, which originate in the tropics, will be very grateful.


Tip 2

Orchids require regular nutrients for healthy growth and lush and splendid bloom formation. Therefore, fertilize the plant every two weeks during the growth and flowering period with an orchid fertilizer which is designed for the plants’ needs.

Tip 3

Regularly remove dead flowers or stalks when maintaining the orchids. However, make sure to leave them on the plants until they have completely dried up. Only then can you cut it back. By doing this, you will leave the base with at least two new buds.