Our history

In 1893, Johann Peter Söndgen founded the company which still bears his name today and which has spent the last 125 years developing all the attributes that make up a global player. Over the last century, Soendgen Keramik has grown from a small local craft business to an international concern.

This commitment to progress has accompanied, inspired and motivated SK right from the start. Always at the cutting edge, the company is now associated more than ever before with high-quality, trend-conscious ceramics “made in Germany”.

Follow us on our trip back in time through the history of the company.


Johann Peter Söndgen founds a pottery workshop in Wachtberg-Adendorf.


During the First World War, production can only be continued in small quantities. After the war, the company is rebuilt again.


Wilhelm Söndgen, the son of the founder, takes over the business and expands production into ornamental ceramics. The company is also awarded with the German national patent for watertight glazed and fine ceramics.


The needs of wartime mean manufacturing is focused on salt-glazed vessels for preserving and pickling food. These products can be exchanged for food until the currency reforms take effect.


The company switches to producing plant pots and ornamental pots.


The switch from hand-made to industrial production as well as the development of engobes (coating for ceramic products) and effect glazes are further steps towards ensuring that the company remains competitive in the future.


An additional production facility is opened in Gelsdorf.


The SK USA is founded with a logistics center in Florida in order to serve the American market more quickly and efficiently.


The growth of the company means it is necessary to invest in expanding the capacity. A new quick-firing kiln leads to an increase in capacity to an average of 130,000 products a day.


Soendgen Keramik introduces the first open-air collection.


Customer focus looks ahead to the future: the new showroom for presenting the indoor and outdoor ranges is opened in Gelsdorf.


Growing together:

The ceramic manufacturer Scheurich and Soendgen Keramik have joined forces with Formwerk, the leading producers of plastic planting vessels to form the


Here’s to a successful future – always looking ahead!