We offer the right ceramic vessel for every plant

For over 125 years now, Soendgen Keramik has been standing for high-quality ceramic vessels “Made in Germany”.
Our traditional company was founded in 1893 by Johann Peter Söndgen. Always following the latest trends and with perfect fits, we offer a wide range of products with over 50 shapes, 60 colors and 50 sizes. The highest quality standard in the production of large quantities is a matter of course for us. At our two production sites in Wachtberg-Adendorf and
Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, we manufacture up to 130,000 ceramic vessels per day and are now represented in over 80 countries around the world. Soendgen Keramik has the right ceramic pot to suit everyone’s taste and requirement, presenting plants at their very best.


“Made in Germany”


• We have been producing high-quality
ceramic pots in Germany since 1893

• Two manufacturing facilities in Wachtberg-Adendorf (NRW)
and Grafschaft-Gelsdorf (RLP)

• State-of-the-art machines with the latest technology
for consistently good quality

• High standards of quality and raw materials

• Integrated quality control in production process


Partner to different
types of retailer


• Retail chains, purchasing associations

• Wholesalers or individual stores

• Growers and distributors

• Garden centers, DIY stores or florists

• Worldwide sales to over 80 countries

• The goods are picked and labeled according to customer requirements.
Our accounting system is just as flexible, such as billing via EDI, etc.


Together for a strong future


• In cooperation with the companies Scheurich and Formwerk, we joined into the Scheurich-Group on 01 January 2021

• Trust a great team with over 250 years of experience in the market

• Strongest portfolio of innovative products in ceramic and plastic for indoor and outdoor, watering and accessories

• Ceramics and plastics in well known quality “Made in Germany”


High flexibility.
Short delivery times.


• The use of modern systems and innovative technology enables flexible response to market demands

• Large inventory leads to continuous availability of goods – more than 1,000 items are available at any time

• Every day, up to 130,000 ceramic vessels are produced at our sites.

• The varieties of colors, sizes and shapes produced in the process is what makes us one of the world’s leading producers of attractive ceramic products

• A modern, EDV-supported logistics management system ensures short delivery times even for large quantities




A major priority for us:

• Continuous optimization of materials management

• Use of natural, domestic clay

• Cooperating with main suppliers from our region

• Reduction of energy consumption

• Heat recovery and a closed rainwater cycle

• Prevention of clay waste


Portfolio management and seasonal items.


• The trend forecasts from national and international designers
as well as the individual touch from the company’s own ceramic designers
are what makes our product range so distinctive

• We rely on contemporary color schemes for our top sellers,
as well as new shapes, structures and decoration techniques

• Our in-house design team focuses on the perfect interplay of plant,
pot-cover and living ambience.

• The standard assortment is updated twice a year

• Attractive seasonal and promotional items


Outstanding fit.
100% waterproof.


• Our pot-covers are adapted to the plant pots
and convince with their perfect fit

• The internal dimensions of the orchid pots are perfectly
adapted to all plant pots on the market

• All our orchid pots have a built-in ceramic ridge to prevent waterlogging

• All pot-covers produced by Soendgen are waterproof
thanks to a fused coating of paint


Color variety. Shape variety.
Relief variety. Size variety.


• We offer the right vessel to suit every taste and requirement

• Our goal: to present plants in their most beautiful form

• Our range includes 50 different sizes – from 7 to 43 cm

• We offer over 50 different shapes, with a wide variety of
reliefs and special surfaces

• Expressive colors complete our range


Pots with
motif print

Individual themes (Valentine’s Day, wedding, company celebrations)
or company logos as customer or employee gifts.

Motif print options

• Full surface design possible
• 360° all-round motif
• Almost unlimited choice of colors and motifs
• Pictorial motifs, logos and slogans
• Printable vessel forms: conical, round and cylindrical
planters; max. height of the motif 21 cm
• Glossy, high-quality surface finish

Send us your preferred motif or theme or your texts / illustrations.
We will develop the product proposal for you.


Support for promotion
at the PoS

Joint development of customized sales concepts
for our assortment.

• Shelf module plans

• Theme tables

• Sales displays (e.g. Column- and Mini displays)

• POS materials (e.g. Flags)