The right vessel for every living space and every taste

Do you want to redecorate your home or just get some inspiration?
Every living space tells a story and reflects the character of the people living in it. We offer the perfect ceramic vessel for every atmosphere and every taste and requirement to show off your plants to their very best.

Inviting reception area /
company building / hallway


The reception area is the showroom of an apartment, house or office complex. Here is where you host your guests, and where you want to make both them and yourself feel good when they come through the door. The greenery of the plants creates a calming atmosphere, which has a positive impact on our mood and makes us feel happy. This is why all living and working areas should be decorated with plants.

Here, the “Bosten“ in matte white.

Lively living room


The living room and kitchen are where you spend most of your time. Here is where most time with friends and family is spent, and plants in particular can create a cozy atmosphere. Adding greenery to your walls and interiors is the latest trend.
Tip: You can also use our hanging baskets to add some greenery to your walls combined with climbing/hanging plants or large vessels with individual plants, which act as room dividers and at the same time as lively decorations for your living space.

Here, the Dallas Style serie.

Tasteful kitchens


The kitchen is more and more becoming a creative living space. It’s not just a place for cooking any more but more for experimenting, trying out new things and relaxing at the same time – the kitchen is all about living and enjoyment. Whether it’s a rustic kitchen or a modern design,
we have the right vessels for every type of home furnishing. Healthy ingredients and fresh herbs form part of a balanced lifestyle.
Our “Lissabon blackboard paint“ herb pots can be used for this, which have the ideal shape for the most common herbs.

Relaxing bedroom


The bedroom is a place for quiet and relaxation, where you can switch off from the stresses of everyday life. The important thing is to use
plants which also clean the air at night and promote healthy sleep. There are plants which also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.
Choose plants such as for example aloe vera or sansevieria (also known as the snake plant).

Turn your bathroom into an oasis of wellness


The bathroom is a room where you want to relax and escape from the stress of everyday life. This means it’s important to feel comfortable.
Natural materials and plants such as ferns or philodendrons guarantee a cozy atmosphere which encourages well-being.