The right vessels for every plant

Gifts from the heart


Heartbeat and Merina Pastel have a color scheme
which is reserved,yet eye-catching.

The Dallas Aquarelle and Endless Love series impress with
their decorative watercolor look and wavy heart relief.

Recommended plants:

Flowering plants such as gerbera, roses and carnations,
as well as orchids in traditional colors.



Primroses bring good cheer year after year with their bright and colorful flowers. Their varied and bright colors add some contrast to the gray of winter. They are among the first plants to bloom in the year, and are made up of thick clusters of flowers. The colors of these flowers range from white and yellow to pink, red and purple.

Flowering period: January – April

Location: semi-shade

Watering: damp

Pot size: 09 – 14cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Sevilla (see image) / Basel Color Splash


This windowsill classic remains popular year after year thanks to its thick leaves and variety of color nuances. Its thick, vigorous and water-retaining leaves make it easy to care for. The flowers, which appear side by side, are available in yellow, orange and pink as well as a traditional red color depending on the variety.

Flower period: February – May

Location: sunny

Watering: moderate

Pot size: 07 – 12cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Canberra Effect (see image) / Dallas Aquarelle



The butterfly orchid (phalaenopsis) is a classic among orchids and is very popular. It is particularly robust, and its flowers grow upright facing downwards. The flowers come in either white, pink and red to yellow and purple depending on the variety. It is particularly important to avoid waterlogging when watering.

Flowering period: January – March

Location: semi-shade

Watering: lightly – moderatly damp

Pot size: 09 – 14cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Falun / Merina / Medina Glaze / Kyoto / Singapur

Pot rose

The rose is a symbol of love and friendship. The pot rose has the same qualities as its bigger sister, just in a format which fits in your living room, balcony or terrace. From mini to maxi: it creates a fairytale atmosphere in its own unique way.

Flowering period: January – March

Location: semi-shade

Watering: lightly – moderately damp

Pot size: 13cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Heartbeat (see image) / Endless Love



The broad yellow strips down the middle make the dark-green leaves of the “dracaena” dragon tree a particular highlight. They are shaped like a sword and face slightly downwards. One special feature of the plants is that they filter pollutants out of the air, which makes them a popular choice for offices.

Flowering period: March – May

Location: semi-shade

Watering: lightly- moderately damp

Pot size: 17 – 24cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Basel Fashion / Basel Spring (see image) / Bergamo


Calathea is a tropical ornamental plant which has become known as an exceptional indoor plant thanks to the beautiful design of its leaves. Its leaves vary between green, red and brown in color and have curvy edges. These qualities make it a real eye-catcher in your living space.

Flowering period: January – February

Location: semi-shade

Watering: light

Pot size: 19 – 27cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Bergamo Pure (see image) / Basel Fashion


Calla lily

The calla lily, also known as a Zantedeschia, is an exotic indoor plant which really stands out thanks to its special inflorescence, where a yellowish bulb with small flowers is surrounded by a pure white petal. These flowers remain on the plant for three to eight weeks, during which time they tower over the arrow-like leaves and can grow up to one meter in height.

Flowering period: February – April

Location: sunny – semi-shade

Watering: moderately damp – damp

Pot size: 13cm Ø

Recommended vessel: Dallas Breeze (see image) / Dallas Style