Soendgen Keramik supporting the “PLANT-MY-TREE®” campaign


Issues regarding environmental protection and sustainability are a major priority for us.

Our aim is to operate in harmony with nature and to use resources effectively. We are actively working on our sustainable development, and we promote and support improvements which save on the use of resources.

The PLANT-MY-TREE® project gives sponsors and companies the opportunity to invest in reforestation projects all over Germany aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions. By doing so, they are helping to meet environmental and climate protection targets in Germany. Since 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE® has also carried out afforestation projects to help protect and convert forests, where it places a high value on biodiversity. Regional circumstances are taken into consideration and there is a focus on mixed cultivation.

With the help of some expert supervision, we were able to plan our trees by ourselves in October. As well as the 50 trees sponsored by us, a total of 800 new trees were potted on that day alongside representatives of other companies and the organizers.


On top of the positive feeling of being able to give something back to nature in addition to a pleasant atmosphere, we also gained a lot of interesting insights from the owner Sören Brüntgens about issues related to climate protection and reforestation. We would like to express our gratitude once again here for the opportunity to be a part of this magnificent project.

In keeping with the mottos of “Every tree counts” and “Protecting the climate made fun”, PLANT-MY-TREE® works alongside a number of both large and small partners to do its bit towards protecting the environment and the climate, making sure that we leave behind a world worth living in for future generations. We at Soendgen Keramik are happy to show them our support, and are proud to have made our own contribution to this cause.

Do you want to support PLANT-MY-TREE® as well and help create new forests? You can find more information on this fantastic project here: