Step by Step – planting tips

Tip: Before planting, stand the pot for about 2-3 minutes in a container filled with water so that the clay absorbs moisture beforehand and does not draw water from the soil. This allows the clay to absorb the maximum amount of water and can help reduce efflorescence later.

1. Place the SK open-air pot on a firm base.

2. Put pieces of pottery or stones at the bottom of the pot to prevent the drainage hole becoming clogged with plant roots.

3. This allows water to drain away and prevents the plant blocking the hole with its roots.

4. Half-fill the pot with soil and plant the plant.

5. Now fill up any remaining spaces and press down the soil.
6. Water the plants well – done!

Tip to increase frost resistance

Handling the pots at temperatures below freezing in the winter: Place the pots on ceramic feet beforehand to prevent the ceramic shattering.