Umea Pot-Cover

Available from April 2023

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Size Ø 13 cm Ø 16 cm Ø 18 cm Ø 21 cm Ø 23 cm Ø 26 cm Ø 29 cm
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Soft lines interact with a delicate surface to create an elegant look.

Minimalist design

Umea impresses with a gentle, vertical relief that almost looks handmade, as well as its subtle coloration. With its gentle white or anthracite surfaces, Umea is an unobtrusive, timeless eye-catcher.

Combines a variety of different shapes

The supplementary orchid vase from the Umea series harmonically integrates with the cachepots.

Recommended plants

Umea provides the ideal backdrop for all, elegant green plants. With its subtle coloration, Umea allows the plants to be shown off at their best. In addition to tall green plants, delicate patterns or textures can also be used to create a stylish pair with Umea – timeless, elegant and chic.