Sardegna banded Bowl set

Banded Bowl set
Saucer also available separately: Saucer 1640
Bowl also available separately: Sardegna Bowl
can be combined with: Sardegna banded Pot-Cover set
Note: For easy handling and carrying assistance, the 30 cm bowl is double banded.

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Further information on Unit, Layer and Pallet.

Size Ø 20 cm Ø 30 cm
Delivery option Unit Unmixed Pallets
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Planters, bowls and pots

with excellent design.

Able to be stacked

Pots and saucers are stackable.

Plant recommendation

Very high reaching plants such as lavender, boxwood or stems.

Banded set

Sardegna is available as a banded set.

Target group

Balcony and garden lovers who prefer a modern design.