Pescara Festive Pot-Cover

can be combined with bowl: Pescara Festive Bowl

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Size Ø 12 cm Ø 14 cm Ø 17 cm
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“Pescara Festive” – each pot unique thanks to its natural and glamorous craftsmanship

Surface design

The irregular, horizontal groove relief is filled with gold. No two products are the same, since the contours of the embossing are random on each pot. This makes each product one of its kind.

Variety of shapes

“Pescara Festive” is made up of a bulbous cachepot and matching bowl. Both are made out of a thick-walled ceramic which can be experienced by touch.

Elegant color tones

Gold ornaments to suit your individual preferences: the “anthracite gold” tone powerfully emphasizes the contrasts of the unusual relief, while the “cream gold” tone exudes a discrete elegance.

Recommended plants

Christmas stars in cream or white as well as glamorous Christmas arrangements.