Modena banded Pot-Cover set

Banded Pot-Cover set
pot-cover also available separately: Modena Pot-Cover
saucer also available separately: Saucer 1640
Note: For easy handling and carrying assistance, containers of ø 30 cm or more are double banded.

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Further information on Unit, Layer and Pallet.

Size Ø 23 cm Ø 25 cm Ø 30 cm Ø 34 cm Ø 39 cm
Delivery option Unit Unmixed Pallets
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Cylinder pots in a stylish design

suitable for the current trend.

Saucer with design function

In this series, functionality follows the design. So pot and saucer become the visual highlight.

Target group

Balcony and garden lovers who prefer modern, straightforward shapes and value the natural properties of terracotta.

Plant recommendation

Simple outdoor plants such as boxwood or olive, which emphasise the modern shape are as suitable as flowering plants or fruit stems.

Banded set

Modena is available as a banded set.