Dallas Style Pot-Cover

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Size Ø 07 cm Ø 10 cm Ø 12 cm Ø 13 cm Ø 14 cm Ø 16 cm Ø 19 cm Ø 21 cm Ø 24 cm Ø 28 cm
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Expressive interior colors in many different sizes.

Classic form

The Dallas Style ceramic series, with its classic shape and modern color spectrum, can be used for almost any living ambience and furnishing style.

Timelessly beautiful

Whether green plants such as ferns, penny trees ir cacti but also flowering plants such as bromeliads or anthuriums – the timeless cachepot is the perfect companion for your indoor plants.

Range of sizes

Available in diameters ranging from 7cm to an impressive 28cm, there is a suitable container for ervery plant.