Basel Full Color Pot-Cover

can be combined with bowl: Basel Full Color Bowl

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Size Ø 08 cm Ø 10 cm Ø 12 cm Ø 13 cm Ø 14 cm Ø 16 cm Ø 19 cm Ø 21 cm Ø 24 cm Ø 27 cm
Delivery option Euro Pallet Unit Layer
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A colorful series for
flowering and green plants
from mini to very large.

Wide variations

Colorful series for flowering and green plants from small to impressive 27 cm diameter.

Timeless design

The glossy surface as an expression of the high-quality workmanship – the harmoniously balanced shape as a sign of stylish, timeless design: the classic “Basel” has long been very popular with customers.

Family of forms

Combine the cachepots with the matching bowls from the Basel series.