Plant Design


Plant design is THE term used to describe the trend for green home furnishings, where plants play the main role in how indoor spaces are designed. Using plants for green home furnishings is about more than the fact that they look good and create a positive atmosphere which is conducive to well-being. The aim of plant design is to use plants to create a healthy and attractive environment.


Create your own plant design in five steps:


1. What style should you use?

The first thing you should do is consider what style you want the plant design to have. You can choose either interesting combinations of plants with a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures or a minimalist style created by an especially large plant showcased in a certain place.


2. Changing the viewing angle

You should try and see the room through fresh eyes before you start creating the design. To do this, leave the room and come back in with a new perspective. This way, you can see how the light comes in or where each plant can be shown off at its best. The view of the plants should also be taken into consideration.

3. Reassessing the plants

You start by gathering all your plants and pots together. Now, your job is to spread them about the room in a new way. This way you can see whether the structures and forms required for the style you want are missing and need to be bought separately.

4. Creativity

Plants can be used to draw attention to certain parts of a room. How can you set the tone right? This calls for some creativity. For example, this means using hanging plants to highlight the ceiling or placing plants on a shelf to highlight a certain part of the room.

5. Get inspired

You are advised to try things out when creating your own plant design. Everybody can decide on their own design. You can position or reposition plants however you want – which means that we improve our plant knowledge and gain a better understanding of which plants best suit the style we’re looking for.