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Soendgen Keramik produces high-quality ceramic vessels exclusively in Germany. At the two sites in Adendorf and Gelsdorf, state-of-the-art technology and motivated employees prove on a daily basis that Germany is a globally competitive production location – and this especially with consistently good quality.

Partner to different
types of retailer

Whether it’s retail chains, purchasing associations, wholesalers or individual stores, or whether it’s plant breeders and distributors, garden centers, DIY stores or florists – Soendgen commissions and labels the goods depending on the customers’ wishes. This flexibility of course also applies for the accounting and for example the billing via EDI.

Variety and flexibility

By using modern systems and innovative technology it is possible for us to react to market requirements flexibly. Every day, up to 130,000 ceramic vessels are produced at our two sites in Adendorf and Gelsdorf. The varieties of colors, sizes and shapes produced in the process is what makes us one of the world’s leading producers of attractive ceramic products.
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A modern, EDV-supported logistics management system ensures short delivery times even with large quantities.

Support at the POS

Soendgen’s duty to its customers isn’t over even after the products have been sold and delivered. As your partner, we are happy to help develop customized concepts for both the indoor and outdoor range – from shelf module plans to designing theme tables. Furthermore, we provide various POS materials for our customers designed to encourage sales (e.g. flags and sales displays).

Portfolio management and
seasonal items

The product cycles have continuously got shorter in the past few years. Therefore, Soendgen Keramik supplements and updates its standard product range twice a year. Attractive seasonal and promotional items are the icing on the cake.

Environmentally-friendly production

Being environmentally friendly is a major priority for our company. When you hold a Soendgen ceramic vessel in your hands you can depend on more than impeccable quality, you can also be sure that we have done everything possible in the manufacturing process to keep the use of raw materials to a minimum in order to protect the environment.
For us, the following principles are a must:

  • Constantly optimizing material management
  • Using a natural, native clay
  • Cooperating with our main suppliers from the region
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Heat recovery and a closed rainwater cycle
  • Avoiding clay residues

The Future is our responsibility. Our targeted energy management system ensures that we will continue to increase our energy efficiency and make an important contribution to environmental protection.