The Homeless Shelter in the Niehl district of Cologne

The Homeless Shelter in the Niehl district of Cologne

Niehl is one of Cologne’s focuses and it features the city’s largest hostel for the homeless with children making up more than half of the people living there.

Soendgen Keramik, working closely with ZDF (Germany’s leading public TV broadcaster) and Germany’s equivalent of Save the Children, decided to make the children’s leisure centre in Niehl more attractive. Voluntary helpers from the shelter and those behind the scheme all lent a hand.

A few coats of paint here and there soon transformed the furnishings. The day room, which had been quite the opposite of inviting, is now a bright, friendly area whose invigorating colours radiate a mood of optimism. Low-maintenance plants donated by garden centres throughout the region have been repositioned in various parts of the reception rooms.

A herb spiral is now growing up in the front garden. In future these herbs will be adding that extra little something to the taste of the homemade midday meals served in the shelter’s canteen.

“Helping children in need is something close to everyone’s heart”.