Environment protection


High value is placed on ecological considerations within the company. When you hold a Soendgen ceramics vessel in your hands, you can be sure of impeccable quality and at the same time have the reassuring of knowing that we have done everything to ensure that natural and environmental resources were handled as carefully and respectfully as possible during the manufacturing process.

It goes without saying that we:

• Steadily optimise our materials management
• Use naturally pure, domestic clay
• Cooperate with our main regional suppliers
• Reduce energy consumption
• Practise heat recovery and observe a closed rain water cycle
• Avoid clay waste

Die Zukunft liegt in unserer Verantwortung. Durch ein gezieltes Energiemanagementsystem stellen wir sicher, unsere Energieeffizienz im Unternehmen kontinuierlich zu steigern und damit einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Umweltschutz zu leisten.