Quality “Made in Germany” ceramics

Ceramic is our passion. We have been producing high-quality ceramic pots in Germany since 1893. We don’t just have high standards when it comes to the quality of our end product, the standard of our raw materials and how they are processed is also close to our hearts. The quality control built into the production process ensures that the ceramic vessels have a uniform high quality. Furthermore, it is particularly important to us that every individual employee plays their part in ensuring the quality of our products.

Outstanding fit.
100% waterproof.

Soendgen vessels are designed to match the plant pots and impress with the tightness of their fit. An example of the way the ceramic products are designed specifically to fit the plant pots is the Soendgen orchid pots, whose interior dimensions have been shaped in such a way that all orchid pots currently on the market will fit in the planter. The same thing applies for many other plants.

The health of the plants is especially important to us. This is why a small ridge is built into the inside of the orchid pot, which stops the pot from becoming waterlogged and so makes sure that the plants thrive.

All planters produced by Soendgen are waterproof thanks to a fused coating of paint.

Diversity in color.
Diversity in shape.
Diversity in size.

SK offer a great variety of ceramic vessels for every plant and every style of living. Contemporary colour combinations promote the ongoing natural living trend,
while lively metallics and textures display SK’s creativity and in-depth research into the latest trends

Our product range now includes more than 50 different sizes – beginning with Minis, which measure 7 cm in diameter, up to our biggest pots at 43 cm in diameter.

The years of development means that Soendgen can now offer more than 50 different designs. A wide variety of reliefs, special surfaces and expressive colors complete the range of products on offer.

Vessels with motif print

SK motif prints give you the option to complement specific themes. Create your own vessels, precisely matching your
customer’s requirements!

Motif print options

  • All-round vessels design possible: 360° all-round motiv
  • Almost unlimited choice of colors and motifs
  • Visual motifs, logos and slogans
  • Printable vessel forms: conical, round and cylindrical planters; max. height of the motif 21 cm
  • Smooth, high-quality surface finish

Send us your preferred motif or theme or your texts / illustrations. We will develop the product proposal for you.


The trend forecasts from national and international designers as well as the individual touch from the company’s own ceramic designers are what makes Soendgen Keramik’s product range so distinctive. We rely on contemporary color schemes for our top sellers, as well as new shapes, structures and decoration techniques. For our in-house design team, the focus is on the perfect interaction of plant, planter and living environment.


Being environmentally friendly is a major priority for our company. When you hold a Soendgen ceramic vessel in your hands you can depend on more than impeccable quality, you can also be sure that we have done everything possible in the manufacturing process to keep the use of raw materials to a minimum in order to protect the environment.
For us, the following principles are a must:

  • Constantly optimizing material management
  • Using a natural, native clay
  • Cooperating with our main suppliers from the region
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Heat recovery and a closed rainwater cycle
  • Avoiding clay residues

The Future is our responsibility. Our targeted energy management system ensures that we will continue to increase our energy efficiency and make an important contribution to environmental protection.