Product benefits

We love living outside! Due to the sustained demand for natural, authentic materials, terracotta is once again in fashion in this area and very popular. This is the reason why Soendgen Keramik is generating new ideas specifically in this area for the 2016 season. And also because terracotta is good for plants. Original terracotta breathes and is porous; the fired clay stores water and releases it slowly – for fine, healthy growth. The product is also UV proof and does not fade even in intense sunshine.

growth-promoting - breathable

Terracotta breathes and is porous, and offers particular benefits for plants. Through its fired clay, terracotta absorbs water and releases it slowly – for fine, healthy growth. Terracotta is also naturally pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

water drain hole

The drainage hole allows excess water to simply drain away, thereby preventing the build-up of water in the pot. This protects the roots from excess water and helps ensure your plants grow strong and healthy.

This is why it is important to cover the hole in the bottom of the pot with a piece of pottery or pebbles before planting. This prevents soil and roots blocking the hole and allows excess water to drain away. It also prevents excess water expanding when frozen, resulting in frost damage to the pot.


SK terracotta pots can remain outside on a patio or balcony even in winter. However, to protect them from frost damage, ensure that the pots do not absorb too much water and that no water collects in the pots.

To do so, cover the hole in the bottom with a piece of pottery or pebbles when planting. This keeps the hole open and allows water to drain away from the pot.

To ensure that the pot does not freeze fast to the plate and is not exposed to excessive cold from the ground, also place the pot on ceramic feet.

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